Complaints and Discipline Process

CPA PEI reviews every complaint regarding the conduct of a member, student or firm.

We correspond with the complainant and the member to gather relevant facts, which are presented to the Investigation Committee ("the Committee"). If the complaint contains information suggesting that the CPA Code of Professional Conduct, bylaws, regulations, or the Chartered Professional Accountants and Public Accounting Act was breached, the matter is investigated and the Committee may refer the matter to the Discipline Committee for a full hearing. Other outcomes include admonishment of the member, student or firm, or closure with no further action.

The Complaints Process

When a complaint is received, we will obtain full details and supporting documents from the complainant and the member. Information provided by either party may be shared with the other to ensure that full responses are obtained.

All matters are reviewed by the Investigation Committee, which is comprised of experienced volunteer members of the profession appointed by the Board.

Where the complaint is complex, the Committee may appoint an investigator to obtain more detailed information and documents, including statements from individuals. The investigator will prepare a report for the Committee. Usually, the member will appear before the Committee to answer direct questions based on the investigation findings. Members under review and investigation have the right to legal counsel at all stages of the complaints process.

The Committee may direct that:

  • a breach of the rules has taken place and allegations of professional misconduct should be prepared for prosecution before the Discipline Committee. The Committee may also propose a settlement with the member;
  • a breach of the rules may have taken place, but the public interest would be best served by providing guidance and admonishment to the member; and
  • a member did not breach the rules and the file should be closed.

The CPA PEI complaints process is not a forum for resolving fee and/or financial disputes between our members and their clients or other parties. CPA PEI does not have the power to compel a member, student, firm or professional corporation to pay monies or perform acts in relation to third parties. Those powers arc exercised by the courts.

Making a complaint

To file a complaint against a member, student or firm download and complete the complaint form and email it to