Career Development Seminars

Two free career development seminars available to our members

CPA Prince Edward Island has partnered with CPA Alberta to offer members a couple of career development seminars. These 1 to 2 hour seminars are free of charge to CPAPEI members; members can register by clicking the links below.

The two first seminars are:

Career Transition: Reinventing your Career - Deciding when is the right time

April 12, 2023 | 3:00pm Atlantic | 1 hour session

The world of work means that changing careers is inevitable. However, making the decision to make the move for career transition is a big one, which is intimidating. Career transition is the process of finding and moving into a new career. The transition period may start years before you consciously decide to make any actual change. The big question is- how do you decide when you should make the transition, are there specific factors you should consider? Are there things happening on the job? Do you still like your job?

Course Content:

  • Reasons to transition career
  • Identifying goals during career transition
  • Guidelines to transitioning career
  • Making the move

In this session the aim is to:

  • Develop an acceptance of the need for career transition
  • Identify signs which suggests the need for career transition
  • Outline steps in planning for career change/career transition


How do I stand out in the job search process? Building your Brand

May 11, 2023 | 12:00pm Atlantic | 2 hour session

It is important that job seekers are able to develop a value proposition that hence delivers a uniquely consistent and compelling message about how to market and sell themselves to the employer effectively.

The value proposition is considered to be a part of your overall persona career Brand. It answers the employer’s question “Why should I hire you instead of someone else?”