CPAs - Making a Difference in Their Communities

Our members account for more than numbers; they use their skills and abilities to better the lives of those in their communities.

Thumbnail photo of Cheryl Cassidy
Cheryl Cassidy, CPA, CMA, MBA
"You're not showing up to work every day; you're showing up to a group that works together for a greater cause."

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Thumbnail photo of David Dunphy
David Dunphy, CPA, CA
"I think people should utilize their talents to the fullest extent. We're all here to make our communities better."

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Thumbnail photo of Jennifer Dunn
Jennifer Dunn, CPA, CA
"I think we all have a responsibility to make the communities that we live in the best that they can be. Volunteering can achieve that."

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Thumbnail photo of Ron Keefe
Ron Keefe, CPA, CA
"If you see someone who has enjoyed some success and you may have had a small part in that, that's pretty amazing."

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Thumbnail photo of Scott Ryan
Scott Ryan, FCPA, FCMA
"The rewards are mostly intangible - mostly that feeling of satisfaction for having taken the time to do something for the community, to help someone in need."

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