Meet some of our newest CPAs!

Meet some of our newest members

Since we have delayed Convocation due to COVID, we would like to introduce the membership to some of our newest members. Take a moment and meet them virtually.



Matthew McKearney, CPA 

“There are very few designations that will open as many doors as a CPA. Accountants are useful in every industry, anywhere you can go.”


Ming Zhong

Ming Zhong, CPA, BBA

"You need to have a mindset to take the challenge, because the CPA is not an easy way, but it is worth the effort to pursue it."


Jeremy Koughan, CPA, BBST 

“In this day and age, it can be difficult to figure out what career path to take. Doing your CPA can benefit you in a large number of ways. It has an overarching and long-lasting benefit.”


Nicole O'Donnell, CPA, BBA

“A CPA allows you to progress through your job roles a little faster. You get that extra knowledge that makes you feel you are able to give better advice and do better work.”