Financial Literacy Sessions

Find out about our free financial literacy sessions and how to request one for your community group.

Our face-to-face sessions provide direct education to the following targeted audiences:

  • adults
  • seniors
  • new Canadians
  • elementary and high school students
  • post-secondary students
  • small & medium businesses
  • entrepreneurs

Our program catalogue contains outlines and overviews of each session.

These free sessions are delivered by our CPA members in their local communities.

Setting up a financial literacy session

We will provide:

  • a CPA volunteer(s) to lead the session
  • prepared presentation and activities
  • prepared handouts and worksheets

Responsibilities for you (the host)

The following is to ensure that the session runs smoothly, that it is of maximum benefit to the attendees, and that we receive feedback that helps us constantly improve our program.
promote the session and register the participants.

  • connect with our volunteer
  • provide the venue and setup
  • provide a screen and projector
  • print the session materials for the participants

ENJOY! The participants will greatly appreciate the content of our offerings and the initiative that you have taken to participate in our financial literacy program.

How to setup a session

Email us your details at