Update: September 2019 CFE

January 7, 2020

Message regarding the official results of the 2019 CFE.

Thank you for your patience. We know this has been an anxious time as you wait for your results.

We are pleased to inform you that official results for the September 2019 Common Final Examination (CFE) are now available to exam writers.

Today’s results are the outcome of months of comprehensive work by the Board of Examiners (BOE), who are responsible for marking the examination. The BOE consulted with multiple experts, including a psychologist, two psychometricians, and past BOE chairs. In addition, a psychometrician was retained through Borden Ladner Gervais LLP as part of the third-party review.  You will be able to access a summary of the BOE’s marking process at this link and findings from the third-party review at this link.

The BOE would like to acknowledge the resilience of candidates who wrote the September 2019 CFE, in light of what was a challenging situation for many.

There were several adjustments made in the BOE’s marking process to account for start time delays and lack of access to reference material.

In reading the responses from candidates who wrote in centres affected by challenges, the BOE noted that many candidates were able to draw on their technical training and their CPA enabling skills to prepare strong responses. Candidates are commended for their ability to perform under these trying circumstances.

Given the circumstances surrounding the September 2019 CFE, the Profession has determined that a failing mark on the September 2019 exam will not count as an attempt, and that any student who did not pass will be eligible for a free re-write of the CFE exam, along with access to the CPA Professional Education Program’s Capstone 2 preparatory module at no charge.

Over the last number of months, the Profession has undertaken a comprehensive process to ensure that students are treated fairly, and that the due diligence completed is thorough. As a result of this work, we have every confidence in the integrity and reliability of the results of the September 2019 CFE and that all passing candidates have met the same entry requirement for the CPA profession as in previous sittings of the CFE.

Should you have any questions or concerns about your results, or require information about future opportunities for rewrites, and other remedial options if required, including reviews and requests for re-marking, please contact the CPA Atlantic School of Business.

We thank you again for your ongoing patience.