Are you on the right side of change? Ask a CPA

Our members account for more than numbers; they use their skills and abilities to better the lives of those in their communities.

Photo of Matthew Cassidy, CPA, CA.
Matthew Cassidy, CPA, CA
"If you have numbers in front of you, decision-making is much easier."

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Vice-President of Finance,
Coach Atlantic Group
Photo of David Green, CPA, CMA, MBA.
David Green, CPA, CA

"Growth is harder than the status quo; things are changing so fast that proper analysis is extremely important."

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Chief Financial Officer,
Diversified Metal Engineering Ltd.

Photo of Emily Merrill, CPA, CMA.
Emily Merrill, CPA, CMA

"As a CPA, we’re taught to see the details and the big picture — and fit it all together."

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Chief Financial Officer,
Island Abbey Foods Ltd™

Photo of Lindsay Power, CPA, CMA, MBA.
Lindsay Power, CPA, CMA, MBA

"My role is really about continuous improvement and making sure our company doesn’t stand still."

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Senior Finance Project Manager,
Vector Aerospace

Photo of Kent Thompson, CPA, CMA, MBA.
Kent Thompson, CPA, CMA, MBA

"You’re constantly looking at how things need to change to stay competitive."

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Director of Finance and Food Tourism,
Food Island Partnership PEI