Use of Designations

The legislation limits members' use of legacy designations in accordance with article 80.

Section 80 is the 'tagging' provision which requires that members, who were members of legacy bodies on April 1, 2015, must use the legacy designation when using the CPA designation.

All ICAPEI, CGA PEI and CMA PEI members may now officially include CPA with their legacy designation and call themselves Chartered Professional Accountants. For a period of ten years, if using the CPA designation, all ICAPEI, CGA PEI and CMA PEI members are required to include their legacy designation in combination with CPA, with the CPA appearing first.

For example:

  • John Smith, CPA, CA or John Smith, FCPA, FCA
  • Jane Jones, CPA, CGA or Jane Jones, FCPA, FCGA
  • Mike James, CPA, CMA or Mike James, FCPA, FCMA

The CPA PEI Board has recognized that incorporation of the CPA designation and the required ‘tagging’ of legacy designations into certain materials requires a reasonable transition period.

Therefore, during the six months immediately following proclamation of The Accounting Profession Act, the Registrar will not take any enforcement action permitted in the Bylaws respecting the public use or reference of the CPA and legacy designations authorized or controllable by a member. Such uses or references include but are not limited to:

  1. business cards, firm stationary, signage;
  2. marketing materials;websites; and 
  3. documents available to the public.

For greater clarity, this transitional accommodation will not apply to signature lines on reports or correspondence, whether in paper or electronic form.